Global Gallery - адаптивная галерея для WordPress

Плагин Global Gallery - адаптивная галерея для WordPress v8.3.5

плагин который обрабатывает неограниченные источники изображений

Global Gallery - плагин для WordPress который обрабатывает неограниченные источники изображений (из социальных сетей или используйте библиотеку WP), поставляется с четырьмя макетами галереи, десятью лайтбоксами, готовыми к использованию, и предназначена для отображения на каждом устройстве. Он поставляется с полнофункциональным слайдером и каруселью.
Создавайте фильтруемые, полностью отзывчивые и адаптивные галереи на своем веб-сайте с помощью премиум плагина Global Gallery.
  • Unlimited photogalleries. Each one capable of storing thousands of images
  • 4 gallery layouts: Standard (fixed images sizes), columnized, masonry and photostring (justified)
  • Image tags filter: operating on shown images or across every gallery page
  • Image-to-Gallery system featuring 6 different layouts and multipe customizations
  • Images slider with fixed/responsive sizing and lightbox support
  • Images carousel with multi-column and image-centric mode + lightbox support
  • Visual gallery builder with drag&drop sorting and thumbnails cropping management
  • Automatic gallery population with automatic cache update
  • Unlimited image sources
    • Wordpress image library
    • Wordpress categories or custom post types (associated to a taxonomy)
    • Flickr sets, photostreams and tags
    • Facebook pages album
    • Instagram personal account
    • Pinterest boards
    • Google+ albums
    • Google Drive
    • Twitter accounts and hashtags
    • nextGEN gallery plugin galleries
    • Tumblr blogs
    • Local server folders (FTP uploaded or managed through plugins like this)
    • ANY RSS feed
  • Wordpress gallery integration (use WP engine to setup galleries)
  • 10 lightboxes ready out of the box. Each one with specific customizations
    • LC lightbox (EXCLUSIVE with Disqus and Facebook comments)
    • Lightcase
    • Simple Lightbox
    • Tos “R”us
    • MagnificPopup
    • imageLightbox
    • Photobox
    • Fancybox
    • Colorbox
    • PrettyPhoto
  • Images pagination
    • standard system (with 3 button styles)
    • Infinite scroll
    • Numbered buttons
    • Dots
  • Gallery Collections with filtering system
    • 600+ icons to beautify filters
    • Deeplinked filters and collection galleries
    • Text under images with optional description
    • Optional custom front image for each included gallery
  • Three overlay modes (fullsize, top and bottom bar)
  • Four icons to choose from, for secondary overlay
  • Grayscale and blur image effects
  • Image watermarking system
  • Fully responsive, adapt itself to any container
  • Handy shortcode wizard
  • Visual Composer, Elementor and Cornerstone native integration
  • Full image sizes, colors, margins, borders control
  • Shortcode options to override pagination settings
  • Custom image sizes configurable for individual galleries
  • 1-click immediate setup with 8 preset styles
  • Advanced gallery cache, optimizing resources usage and loading speed
  • Images “right-click” protection

Последние обновления

  1. Global Gallery 8.3.5

    v8.3.5 - release date 20/01/2023 - updated: LC WordPress Dashboard
  2. Global Gallery 8.3.3

    v.8.3.3 - release date 22/12/2022 NEW galleries “quick edit†now shows only usable fields...
  3. Global Gallery 8.3.1

    v8.3.1 - release date 10/12/2022 ADDED further check for dynamic CSS creation upon update NEW...
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