[M1] Mageworx - Search AutoComplete extension

Модуль [M1] Mageworx - Search AutoComplete extension 1.5.4

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transform Magento search into a convenient and user-friendly process
Версии Magento
  1. 1.X
Transform Magento search into a convenient and user-friendly process. Let your customers instantly find what they are looking for.
  • Making on-site search lightning fast & accurate
    Display AJAX-based popup with search results.
  • Appearance customization of autocomplete popup
    Adjust color, keywords highlights, popup window layout, etc.
  • Convenient uploaded files management
    Group files into categories, edit/delete them, change sorting order and more.
  • Grouping results by categories & making suggestions
    Automate process of category search, specify number of categories displayed in popup.
  • Search-as-you-type results (suggested search)
    Enable/disable suggested searches, specify their number, use block separator for suggestions.
  • Making any site info accessible from onsite search
    Enable search for CMS & static pages, highlight search keywords.
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