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Модуль [M1] Mageworx - SEO Suite Ultimate extension 9.5.5

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all-in-one Magento SEO Extension that reduces search optimization workload and dramatically improves
Версии Magento
  1. 1.X

  • SEO meta-templates for multiple store pages
    Use 20 templates to optimize metadata optimization on product, category, layered navigation or blog pages.
  • Solving duplicate content issues
    Easily set canonical tags all types of pages.
  • Rich snippets in search results & social media
    Add markup tags to tell search engines what your pages are about.
  • SEO redirects to lead shoppers to right page
    Create 301/302 and custom redirects to/from any product/category/CMS page/custom URL.
  • Access to complete set of SEO tools
    Manage all critical SEO activities, such as category SEOGrid, breadcrumbs, redirects, cross-linking, SEO forLayered navigation pages, etc.
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