Smart E-wallet System

Модуль Smart E-wallet System v2021-12-01

extension adds wallet and Payment gateway for the customer account
Версии OpenCart
  1. OC v1.х
  2. OC v2.х
  3. OC v3.х

Smart E-wallet for OpenCart Store.
This extension adds wallet and Payment gateway for the customer account.
This contrib improve the Customer shopping and use e-wallet.

Main features:


  • - Admin view, Delete or Search in Transaction List.
  • - Admin Can Credit / Debit Wallet To customer.
  • - Set Selected Payment Getaway for add Money.
  • - Set Maximum and Minimum for add money to wallet.
  • - Set Maximum and Minimum for Send money to Customer Wallet.
  • - Admin Can View all Customer Wallet Balance.
  • - Link to customer page with Search.
  • - Admin Get Customer Bank Detail.
  • - Set wallet Icon or Image.
  • - Can change Wallet Name.
  • - Change status pending, approve and reject for Add money Request.
  • - Change description and change to client transaction list.
  • - Send Order Refund amount to wallet.

  • - Add Money To wallet.
  • - Send Money to wallet.
  • - Email Notification On Each Transaction.
  • - Add Money to Wallet With Selected Payment Getaway.
  • - Use Wallet Fro Order System.
  • - Customer Can view All Credit / Debit Transaction.
  • - Date Filter in Transaction List.
  • - Wallet Display In all Page (in Header).
  • - Use wallet When order total more then wallet.
Demo Site:
User : [email protected]
Password : demo

Admin Demo Site:
User : demo
Password : demo

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