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Скрипт REST API Module for UltimatePOS 1.7

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This module provides the REST API for UltimatePOS. Using the API you can integrate other applications with your .

Check the API list available as of now:

What is an API:

Before you Purchase:
  1. Note that this is not a standalone application, it is an “Optional” extension to UltimatePOS Advance
  2. This module is compatible with SaaS/Superadmin module.
UltimatePOS Advance is one in All Software with:
  • Stock or Inventory Management
  • POS (Point Of Sale)
  • Service & Invoicing
  • It can be used for
    • All Services
    • Fashion & Clothing
    • Departmental Stores
    • Medical
    • Footwear, Liquor shops, Sanitary & Hardware
    • Salon & Spa
    • Home Appliances & Digital
    • Restaurants & many more …
  • Retails, WholeSale, Consulting.
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