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инструмент, предназначенный для того, чтобы обнаруживать и устранять органические утечки трафика
Совместимость с XenForo
  1. XF 2.1
  2. XF 2.2
Thread Titles Manager - это инструмент, предназначенный для того, чтобы помочь администратору обнаруживать и устранять органические утечки трафика.

1. Duplicated Thread Titles
Chances are high that those threads are not in SERP and bring no organic traffic. Such threads can be merged (with leaving a redirect) if a title is strong, or their titles could be edited accordingly to their content.

If I have 5 threads with a weak, non descriptive title "Salmon River" I'd better modify their titles to something stronger like "Salmon river bass fishing", "Salmon river trout fishing", "Salmon river bank fishing", "Salmon river water levels" etc.

If then I still have say two "Salmon river bass fishing" threads, I should probably merge them, delete posts like "Yeah!" and "+1", and chances are this thread will start deliver me some organic traffic.

2. Too long thread titles
By default page titles are formatted like "Thread title | Board title". If a page title is too long (more than 70 characters), the addon applies a template modification turning "Thread title | Board title" into "Thread title". In addition it shows in ACP a list of thread titles that are longer than 70 characters even after dropping the " | Board title" part (for manual title editing).

Why do I care if my thread title is longer than 70 characters? Here is a good example. I have a thread "Barbless hooks .... Willamette and Columbia Rivers". If I google for "barbless hooks columbia river" I will not hit the first 3 links, but the fourth or fifth one, for their titles have keywords I'm searching for. The first link looses traffic for the title is too long, got cut by google, and lost a keyword I'm searching for.

3. Too short thread titles
A list of threads (for manual title editing) with title length less than 20 characters.

Default values for "Too Long" limit (70) and "Too Short" limit (20) can be changed in ACP -> Setup -> Options -> Thread Titles options.
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